Data Types
Why do we need different data types?
We need data types as we need different data types for the different data on the computer.
Explain the Sources and Uses for the following data types
Binary use the digits 0 and 1. All software using binary data including music, documents and other information in the computer. It is the smallest unit of data on a computer.
Text files
These files have a text file extension, a text file is not formatted and can be opened in any word processor.
– rtf
This is a rich text file extension. This is a text file type that saves some of the foramatting withim the text.
– doc
This is a text document format that usally operate word documents.
– docx
This is a also another document type of data. It also operates word documents.
– odt
The Object data type can point to data of any data type, including any object instance your application recognizes.
Graphic files
These are images which are organised in a group of pixels. When you zoom in the pixels become larger and more noticble making the picture have less quality. Examples are GIF JPEG and PNG.

– gif
These are types of images. They are best for images with small simple shapes. It stands for graphic interchange format.
– jpg/jpeg
These are used usally for digital camera photos. It stands for joints photographic experts group.
– png
This also is used as a photo image. It stands for portable netork graphics.
– tiff
These are for raster images used by people like artists. It stands for tage image file format.
Data files
This is a text file and and it is a sequence of lines of text.
– csv
This file stores numbers and text. It stands for comma separated value.
– xls
This is an extension for an excel file.
– ods
Video files
You can make animated Gif videos.
– mpg/mpeg
This can be used for coding audios and videos data into a format of digital networks. It stands for moving picture experts group.
– wmv
This is a file where you can view your videos in. It stands for windows media video.
– mov
This is used to save videos or movie files. It is a file extension.

– flv
This is a video or movie data. It is a video file format. Its known as a flash video.
Audio files
You can save uncompressed video files on it.
– wma
You can save your compressed audios on this. It stands for windows media audio.
– mp3
This compressed sound files into very small files. You can listen to them afterwards.
PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format
Why is pdf required
It can be requiried so when you send your work to people they cant edit it or change it. It can be in the same form it was. It is a nice way to show off a document you have made.

Benefits of pdf files
No nobody can edit it so its in your own style and no one can change it. They make your page look more professional as it makes it look a bit like a book.

Uses for pdf files
We usally use it to print off documents turned to pdfs. You can share them with people who don’t have the software. You can publish electronic documents. I also can be shared via email and on the web.