What is Health & Safety
1. Intro – why is this important?
Health and safety is important because if you don’t have health and safety rules in the workplace people can end up with serious injured with wires hanging around or chairs the wrong size etc.

2. Health related issues
This is an issue which can last over a period of time like RSI and back problems.
3. Safety related issues
A safety issue happens straight away.
Relevant laws
Refer to www.hse.gov.uk

The Role of
1. Health & Safety Executive
This person makes sure that all work places have safe equipment.
2. Unions – TUC
 It is a trade union centre. The union brings all the companies together. It represents the majority of the trade unions.

Who is responsible
1. Employer
To train the employee and make sure the person is doing the job right.

2. Employee
To do the work given to him to keep his job.

The Ergonomic Environment
Computer and Stress
Eye Strain
Photos of 5 work enviornment
ICT2 Survey

Health and safety presentation