IT has helped contribute to hospitals. They contributes to scanners and machines and below is a report about how X ray and other scanning systems are helped by IT.

IT & Medicine
Uses of IT in the medical practice
1. Scanners & Xray
Scanners and x rays scan people’s injuries or possible diseases. The scanners link up with computers as the computer creates an image of what the scanner has scanned. All scanners scan in different ways like some scan in a spiral shape. They also scan different things like head scans and finger scan.
2. Diagnosis – expert system
Expert systems can help doctors diagnose a disease. These systems can catch things early and it can save people’s lives.
3. Monitoring
Many machines in hospitals help contribute to monitoring a human and make sure the person is alive. Machines can help monitor different things in the human like heart rate and glucose levels. These can save people’s lives.
4. Communication
Using IT we can communicate all around a hospital and all around the world. When a patience needs urgent care by a certain doctor another doctor can communicate with him quickly and get him down to the patience. This also contributes to saving human lives.


ICT and medicine report