Software are a set of instructions big or small which gives to the computer.

Types of Software
1. Licenced
Software licence is a licence showing how you use the software. If you pay more the more software you get.
a. Individual copy
The individual copy is a licence that can only be used by one computer/person.
b. Site Licence
This is a licence where you buy it and it goes on a group of computers instead of one.
c. Network Licence
This is when software is ran on a network of computers.
2. Open Source
This is software with a code and anybody can change the code.
3. Shareware
This software is free and many different people can go on it at any time. Like google or Wikipedia.
4. Trialware
This is software you can trial for a certain period of time before it goes and then you can decide if you want it permanently.
5. Freeware
This is software that you don’t have to pay for.
6. Pirateware
Pirateware is when you hack into the software and use it for free.

Software Uses - use scrollers

1. Office
This runs Microsoft.
a. Word processor
This is where it allows you type documents with all sorts of information, you can make letters and all sorts of other things.
b. Spreadsheet
This allows the user so access spreadsheets where you can do maths and scientific things.
c. Database
This software allows you to design different data bases and managing the information stored in the database.
d. Presentation
This allows you to run presentations where you can show business opportunities etc.

2. Specialist Systems
This is software which allows to run special software.
a. Financial Accounts
This allows you to run software that allows you to gather the finical accounts of people.
b. Personnel
This is software which allows you to run the software for personnel. It is used for business as it keeps people’s information in it.
c. Medical records
These are also used for businesses like chemists where they keep medical records
d. Medical diagnostic
This software holds what you are diagnosed with.

3. Internet
a. Web browsers
This software allows you to browse the internet when you type what you want to serch up on the computer into the web browser.
b. HTML editors
This software allows you to edit the HTML code on your computer.
c. Email
Email software allows you to send messages with attachments if requested to anywhere in the world.
d. Blogs
Blog software allows you to create blogs for the internet. There are different types of blog software for different types of blogs.
e. Wiki
This software allows you to run wiki on your computer so you can create your own website.

4. Graphics
a. Photo edit
This software allows you to edit photos by changing size, contrast, orientation etc.
b. Drawing
This software allows you to create some art on your computer.
c. Desk top publishing
This software allows you to make professional documents for things like special work meetings like reports or large booklets.
d. Paint
This software allows you to have a doodle on your computer.

5. Recreation
a. PC games
This software allows you to play all sorts of games like war games or sport games.
b. Online games
This software allows you to connect with other people playing the same game as you and you can play it together.
c. Virtual Realities - SecondLife & Open Sim
This software allows you to make your own virtual world on your computer.
d. MMORPGs - World of Warcraft
This software allows you to play multiplayer in your own virtual world full of magic.

Software Sheet

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