Roles for IT Professional
1. Systems Management
A systems manager involves managing a team of staff, managing IT budgets, and keeping up to date with the new technology and many other things. They are involved in networking too.
2. Developers & Programmers
Programmers solve problems. Developers are like programmers and are trained as programmers and they solve problems in a disciplined way.
3. Data Analysis
Data analysists do tasks related to data and statistical information and organise it, collect it and interpret it.
4. Project Management
These people work on specific projects. They plan what work needs to be done and who needs to do it. They make sure the project budget is right and that it is running on time.
5. Support & Training
Support is when you help and you give people comfort. Training is when you train someone to make them better at their job.

Professional Standards
1. Acceptable standards & behaviour
These are the rules and standards that the people in the place have to have to follow in the workplace. If they don’t follow these rules they could get fired.
2. Professional Bodies
A professional institute is an organisation set up to represent and promote the profession itself and the interest of its members in their specialist field of work. The institute is normally non-profit and funds itself by each member paying an annual fee.