Control – explained
1. Control
When you are controlling something you are giving it commands.
2. Robotics
Robotics are used to replace humans in a working job. They are controlled to do jobs like lifting and fixing things. They are useful as they don’t need breaks and they don’t get paid.

3. Cost benefits
Using robots is beneficial as you don’t need to pay robots. The company can save a lot of money because of this. These robots do cost a bit of money but not paying them does save a lot of money.

Turtle logic - MSW Logo
4. Basic commands
When you draw a shape on the computer you need to give commands to the computer to draw the shape. The commands are forward, backwards, left turn, right turn, pen up, pen down and clear screen.
a. Angles
When you want to turn around and move the pen in a different direction you type in an angle from 1 degrees to 360 degrees. The main ones to use are 90, 180 and 360 to turn it around.
b. Distance
The distance is the size of each part of the shape which is made.
c. Shapes
You can form a shape by using certain commands. A square is easier to make because the angles are all the same.
5. Repeats
When you want to make a shape instead of putting the same demands in again and again you can just type repeat and then how many times you want to repeat and right down the command you want to repeat and press enter and the shape you asked for should be there.
6. Stored procedures
When you want to keep and command for a shape you can call the command something like if the command makes a square you could call it square.
Flowol - flow diagrams
1. Lighthouse
The lighthouse has got lights in it and the sun. We wanted the lights and the sun to come on at different times. So when we had input one on the outputs where off.
2. Traffic lights
We wanted the traffic lights on at different times so the traffic won’t crash so we had to put the different outputs on at the a different times so output 3 and 4 would be on at the same time and also 2 and 5 and 1 and 6.
Real world control systems
1. TVs & similar systems
TV’s are controlled by remote controls. When you press the off button the TV goes off. When you press the on button it goes on. When you want to go on a certain channel you press the number of the channel in the remote and the TV will put that channel on etc.
2. Factory systems
Some factories have robots running them. These robots can lift heavy things and connect things together. It is quite good as they don’t need breaks and also they don’t need to be paid.
Embedded YouTube clips
1. Amazon warehouse
The amazon machines sort out the addresses, emails and people's details
2. Skoda advert – Giggles
This advert features robots building a car. They lift things, build things and move things about. They then eventually build the car.
3. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes
This video shows a man keeping an eye on a machine making and wrapping up tea cakes. The machine pores the chocolate over moves it down another section and gets wrapped up it its foil. The machine does all the work at a fast pace.
1. Logo worksheet
Vending machine flow diagram