1.       Why do we use presentations

We usually use presentations for presenting ideas at work to your fellow workers or presenting other work related things to an audience of people.

2.       What can we include and what should not be included

We can include appropriate photos, a small amount of text on the slide, a large amount of text in the speakers notes and if you want a background. You shouldn’t use fonts that you can’t read or blurry photos and also you can’t use backgrounds that clash with the colour of your text.  

a.       Text - amount & relevance

On the slides you should use a very small amount of text, just small bullet points should do as in the speaker’s notes you should write a lot as you will be using these notes to speak to the public and you want to give out as much information to the public as possible.

b.      Graphics - types & relevance

You can use photos but they should not be blurry and should be relevant to what you are talking about. You can use pictures in the background as well.

3.       What makes a good presentation

a.       Font face & size

The font should be readable but not stupid. It should be a normal font. It needs to be quite be quite big so people can read it if they were at the back of the room.

b.      Colour of text & background

The text should be black if there is not background but if there is a background the text must be a colour that doesn’t clash with the background.

c.       Amount of text on slide

There should be a couple of short bullet points on the slide.

d.      Speaker’s Notes

There can be as much text as you want in the speaker’s notes as you will be reading these notes out to the public explaining the bullet points.

e.      Clear images

There can be one or two photos which are relevant to what you are talking about.  

4.       How do we produce presentations

a.       Hardware - PC, scanner, digital camera

The PC loads everything you have on the computer so you can do your presentation on the computer.

b.      Software - presentation, graphics, word-processor

You use the PowerPoint presentation software to create your presentations and you can use graphic packages to edit the photos you want to use.  



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